Small Group: Connect, Care, Grow

"We Can't do life alone"

If you look for a way to journey deeper than Sunday morning, Small Group is the best place for you to grow in faith.

Travel Together on Your Faith Journey!

NEW! Fall 2018

Open to ages 21-121, singles and couples, know nothing about wine and wine experts, Fruit of the Vine Fellowship Group gathers for a casual monthly get-together to taste and explore a couple different wines, and also reflect on recent sermons and how they can be applied to everyday life.

Wine would be in tasting sizes portions accompanied with light appetizers.  With a goal to keep the cost low, some themes may be favorite wines, cheapo wines, wines from Portugal or whatever you are interested in!  

Kick off meeting to be held in October on date and time to be determined.  Contact Betsy or John Fruncek at or call/text 414-202-3579 to let them know you are interested.  

A Small Group is...

a gathering of around 12-16 people who meet twice a month (or more) for food, fellowship, study and prayer.

In a Small Group, people share in table fellowship and discuss the issues and challenges of life. It’s also where they pray for one another, care for one another, and truly experience life together.

What does a typical meeting look like?

In a Small Group, people generally take turns hosting and facilitating the discussion. Most groups meet twice a month for an hour to two hours (decided by the group).

Although all groups are designed uniquely, a typical Small Group meeting might be:

6:30pm  Food (could be snacks or desserts)

7:00pm  Study and Discussion

7:50pm  Prayer

8:10pm  End

What is expected of me?

We encourage everyone to participate as much as they feel comfortable. You will not be put on the spot or expected to speak or pray aloud. Volunteers who feel comfortable doing so sign up to lead the discussion or host the evening.

Where does a small group meet?

Most groups meet in homes or coffee shops or in the church.

What about my children?

We provide childcare. Approved childcare workers from the church take care of the children in a separate room in the host home. We will ask you if you need childcare once your group is formed.

“How is a Small Group different from a short-term Bible study?”

While short-term bible studies do not carry any commitment beyond the length of one study, small groups are intended to stay together for a longer period of time, creating a deep sense of community and of doing life together.

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