Sunday Worship Covenant with Service RSVP and Volunteer Sign-up

WORSHIP COVENANT Our small group leading online worship for the past three months is very excited to have familiar faces in the pews again. Through the Holy Spirit we have felt your presence, but it will be wonderful to see you gradually return to the sanctuary starting June 21st and then over the coming weeks and months. In order to worship together, we have developed a Worship Covenant (see link) that has been approved by our Accountable Leadership Board. A covenant is different that a list of rules. Covenant by definition is a promise, a pledge, an agreement, usually formal, solemn, and binding, between two or more persons to do or not do something specified. In ecclesiastical terms it is a solemn agreement between the members of a church to act together in harmony with the precepts of the gospel. 

To maintain the safety of those who will return to worship, we need to limit the number of people in the building. To help us with this, we along with other churches in the Village are asking for you to sign up for the service you wish to attend using SignUp Genius (click here). When on the site, simply click the orange “Sign Up” box next your preferred service time and area in which you wish to sit, and then click the blue “Submit and Sign Up” box at the bottom of your screen to confirm your reservation. If you are unable to sign up, you can call the church office for help. 

We also need a team of faithful volunteers who are willing to help out with hospitality and disinfecting before and after each service. We will use SignUp Genius for that as well (sign up HERE). We are familiar with the phrase, “this too shall pass.” When exactly we don’t know, but we have hope! The day will come when we can ALL worship together again!

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