Church and Society Committee


If so, the Church and Society Committee invites you to attend a two-part series, “Seeking the Spirit of God in The Time of Estrangement: Considering Christian Calling After The First Year of This Administration.”    

Dr. Mel Vance will lead participants in having conversations with others who are seeking God in our times of turbulent politics.  Dr. Vance is an emeritus faculty member of Carroll University and a retired United Methodist clergy.

In this two-part series, Dr. Vance will help explore, in a group discussion format, questions such as these:

  • Can we be more than critics of our neighbors?
  • Is there healing for our time and for us?
  •    Do we harbor attitudes and behaviors ourselves which help propel the negative directions of these times?
  •    Can we be both political and create social community and transform relationships?

Wednesdays, November 8th and 15th, starting at 6:30 pm, in the chapel


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